Preparing for an Aikido Exam

Someone in an Aikido group on Facebook has an exam coming up on Saturday. Here’s the gist of his post: “Next Saturday I will do my 1st kyu exam. I am a bit nervous. I feel confident about the techniques but it’s still a big thing for me. Some advice or nice words would be […]

3 Tips (and a bonus one) For Teaching and Learning!

Teach me, master! Master? Where art thou, master? That is the question! Who do you learn from when you “move out” of your home dojo and open up your own school? Do you have to quit training in order to become a teacher? Say it ain’t so! Well, good. Because it ain’t so. Aside from […]

The Defence Lab Virtual HQ!

It’s no surprise that as Lead Instructor for Defence Lab Lincoln, I’m a pretty big fan of Defence Lab. I like the style, I like the evolution and I like founder Andy Norman’s motto of “work hard, be nice and be honest”. As a result of this I was pretty excited when I heard Defence […]

It’s good to talk…Communication in Martial Arts.

It’s good to talk right? Throughout our daily lives we are constantly in communication with people through both verbal and non-verbal means. With the growing emergence of the internet, more and more people are communicating via the means of social media and email and while this is obviously a positive thing, it can lead to […]